hey all.what affects has this mod had on your bikes and is it worth it?any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Works pretty much as advertised. Better bottom end and more snap. I don't know if it's worth the Benjamin that's the retail price, but it was worth the 69.00 I found it on sale for a year ago...

since this thread is up...

i have a 04 yz 250f and im going to get the powernow for my bike. but im wonder will it take away any of my topend.....

No it wont affect the top end at all! It does help starting and bottom end though.

has any one ever seen the free model of the power now?


the free version gained 1 HP down low and 2 ft lbs but lost .3 HP up top...

that powernow though is only for the 250F... anyone know the measurements of the piece in the 450 so i could cut some sheetmetal out and experiment?

I woods ride. The powernow was worth the money in my oppinion. It helps the throttle response ans starting on my bike. I hear it's not as valuable to mx racers though. :naughty:

Take your carb and bell off, measure and make one. It is too simple not to, if money is an issue. Hell I eat 100 bucks most days (3 kids). :naughty:

I agree with Fastest1, I made one for my old 98' WR400 and I think it cost me about $5 for the metal and about an hour of time. It worked great for the woods. You could ride a gear taller in most situations.

My homemade version didn't do squat until the plate bent, then it made my bike run like chit! Do yourself a favor and check out SLP's PowerPack


The powerpack looks nice. I would have considered it if I saw it before I bought the powernow although I'm happy with what I got. Saving $60 would have been cool.

I don't know what year your bike is but 02 and older you can make one there is a post in here on it someplace on how to make one

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