$5,400 for new 2002 426 a good deal?

I suppose you will say ..."Pay the extra $600 and get a 2005 wr450".

I am looking for a wr...400,426,450 Prefer green sticker...thus pre 2003 (400 or 426) or new 2005 450 (much more expensive). So all considered...which model should I look to buy if I am getting back into the sport after 20 years? Raced 2 strokes for some time...I am 6'4", 195 lbs in excellent shape..Thanks for your help.

Hell no, man. I think you would be crazy to not get a 2004 or 2005. The 4 strokes have come a long way since 2002. They have a lot more time into the entire bike. And $5400 is not good at all for that bike. Go new man, go new. You used to race? What kind of racing? Good luck man, but $5400 is a terrible deal for sure. Go new, already spending the money. Even a year old used will be cheaper than $5400. Keep that in mind. Good luck

Hmmm... Since they retailed for $5999 new, I think the dealer can do better than that... It should still come with a 30 day factory warranty. The 02 Yz426 is the best year, and in Cali its a greenie. Its a great desert, trail & all around play bike. You find it to be much more stable than a 450. If all you're into is track, then go with the 450 you'll be happier. If you want a great all around bike then go with the 426. Execpt ,dont pay that much for one... I got a mint used one for $3600 (thats Cheap for So.Cal) about a year ago. I work at a Yamaha dealer so I can get pretty much any bike I want & I still ride my OLD 426.

I have a 2002(definately not new) WR 426 for $3000.00. All free mods, fmf powerbomp header and fmf PC4(I think) pipe.Pro Tapers, and some more. Runs absolutely perfect. Like most Yamaha plastic is shows some wear. It is my uncles bike and he REALLY wants to sell it. It is in Montana, dont know about the whole green sticker thing.

Ohhhhh, forgot about the greenie, dont have that here in colorado, or so i dont think. Whats a greenie all about anyway? i just race motocross, not sure what it all entails.

$5400 for a 3 year old "new" bike?

Hell I only paid 200 more for my 2004 (IN 2004) You can probably buy a 05 for that today, but at the very least you could find a 2004 leftover at a dealer for that.

No way should you pay that much for an '02. I paid less for mine in '02!

That dealer has been trying to find a real sucker for 3 years now, that's why he still has it. Personally, I'd go with the '05 and shop around at other dealers.

Hey I just bought a 01 YZ426F from a dealer and it is immaculate and clean and runs great. Bought it a month ago in PA for a little under 3K dollars. The bike you are looking at maybe a year newer but at that price you might as well get something newer.

Look around on cycletrader.com to see what the going prices are, search nationwide.

Good luck

Nothing against your choice of bike. The wr 426 is a great machine. We found a wr 400 for my stepson a few weeks ago. The bike had 24 original miles on it. We paid 3200.00 for it.

There is no way you can justify paying that much for a 2002 model. Yes, it is brand new. After your first ride that is over and you have a used bike worth 3500.00.

I know we dont buy these things for their wonderful investment abilities, but this si too much money to lose on a first ride.

I cannot see paying anything more than 4000.00 for it.

My .02 worth. I purchased a non-current 2002 wr 426 about two months ago. Brand new out of the box, and the price was $4,000.00 Hurst yamaha in Katy, TX has two 2001 yz 426f's that are still brand new, and I would think that someone could get one for about $3,500.00. For $5,400.00 you can have mine. It has JM Racing suspension, bark busters, frame guards, radiator guards, and a few other goodies. For $5,400, I should expect that the dealer would atleast cuddle with you after a f*cking like that.

Not a good deal for an 02 model, I bought my 05 wr450 in january for 5699 OTD. I had to drive from Texas to Mississippi because they do not deliver, but it was worth it to me. I know California is a long ways off but shop around. The dealer I used is Lake Hill Motors, in Corinth Mississippi. If you need more info PM me. Later, Joe.

3 months ago i bought a very very nice 01 WR426 for $2900.00 the bike was perfect but for some crazy reason i longed for a 450. so i sold the 426 and spent $4400.00 on a 04 WR450, GYT-R Full Exhaust, GYT-R skid plate,Frame guards,Factory James carb kit....The 426 had more raw power....the 450 power was more controlable, with the convenience of an electric start. both bikes are great, for the money i would go with a 02WR426.

$5400 for a 3 year old "new" bike?

Hell I only paid 200 more for my 2004 (IN 2004) You can probably buy a 05 for that today, but at the very least you could find a 2004 leftover at a dealer for that.

Dittos, I paid $5399 for a brand new 04 WR450F in September of 2004! And mine is Cally green besides! (8th digit it a "W")

I bought mine last year in January (02 wr426f) still in the crate for $4200. At $5400 I don't think I would have a problem spending the extra to get an 04 or 05 model. That is just too steep for an 02.

I paid $5399 too, but i don't think a deal like that is going to come along again any time soon.

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