Help with a Honda XR70 problem!

I acquired a 1999 Honda XR70 and was changing the oil for the first time. I don't have a manual yet and I took off the wrong bolt on the bottom of the crankcase. When I removed the bolt, a metal tube with several holes in it came out. I replaced it (making sure that I put it back the way it came out) and then removed the correct bolt to drain the oil. I replaced the oil, but now when I start it, it makes a funny pinging sound from the crankcase. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Yes, I am ordering a manual!!

I usually stay in the 600/650 forum because of my XR650R so this is my first time in this forum, which will explain the late response. What you did was remove the cam chain tensioner. It needs to be reinstalled in a certain way (your manual will show the correct order). Also, even when it is properly installed it will need to be "manipulated" with a long, skinny flat blade screwdriver. If you remove the timing chain cover while you install the cam chain tensioner you can see when you get it installed correctly because the visible slack in the chain will be eliminated.

The noise you hear is the timing chain slapping against the inside of the case.

Thanks Ram! I got the manual and figured out that it was the cam chain tensioner. The spring was missing so I ordered it and just got it yesterday.

OK ... I think this was/is the problem with my bike too! I removed that bolt on the bottom of the case - all the stuff popped out, so I pushed it all back in.

So there is a certain way that had to go back in??

I made it so it fit smoothly, but have no idea where that tip piece ended up. I get a slapping/ticking sound - most noticable in first gear. Can someone scan the manual page that shows the tensioner and its correct placement?? This is driving me nuts! Thanks for anyone who can help me!!

I can't scan the page but the correct order is:

1. Cam Chain Tensioner first (insert black plastic tip end first)

2. Then the spring (insert the small end of the spring that fits into the botton of the cam chain tensioner first)

3. Then the bolt.

Just be careful not to overtorque the bolt. I did this and cracked pieces off of the crankcase were the bolt screws into the crankcase. The torque on this bolt is 17lbf-ft. I was using a torque wrench that starts at 20 lbf-ft and had it dialed down. Still overtorqued it. :)

OK .. thanks! DIRTBKR188 sent me a few pics of what's going on with the cam chain and all. I may be missing that plastic pulley (or it slipped down) that fits between the chain and is held in place by the bolt on the side of the head. I gotta rip this apart again I think. Thanks again!

why don't you sissy's get a real bike not these bloody 70 hp heaps of crap

70hp, that would be a scary mini. Mmm... 70hp mini...

Anyways, why don't you go back to hiding in the corner. We don't laugh at you for your bike choice, so lay off ours.

Yea ... I'm pushing 73 Hp with my bloody (mighty) XR70.

Just to add to my "sissy" garage ... I've got the Honda XR70, Kawasaki ZX6R, Honda 400EX, Honda CR250, Suzuki DR350S, Kawasaki Mean Streak, and a lifted 4x4 Polaris Sportsman 700 twin. I need one of each type!

James, oh James .... why be such a little baby? This bike is fun, I doubt you've ever even ridden one. Your CRF (if you even have one) is a kick ass bike - no doubt! I don't own one, but hey - I'm not gonna jump on a post and trash it for no reason other than jealousy. Whatever ...

Just for the record James, the XR70 was for my 11 year old son. He now rides a CRF150. My older son (13) rides a XR200 and I ride a XR250. I wouldn't trash the little XR70 as it used to haul my 200 pound ass up hills and over jumps. Why the bitterness? :) Chill out. Life is too short for that

I have a question before the subject slips too far off..

Which bolt of the two is the drain plug?

I bought a used XR70 for my son last week, but didn't get a manual.


The oil drain bolt is the one on the right side of the bottom of the crankcase

I'm in the same situation, just got a '98 two days ago for my 9 year old, no manual yet. Just to be clear, right side meaning on the right when sitting on the bike?

Thanks :)

Yes, as you're sitting on the bike.

Thanks for the info onthe XR 70. I just bought a new one for my son and I don't know jack about bikes. i ride a YZ 450 though. I just pay the mechanics to wrench on them for me. It is getting expensive and I would like to learn to do some of this stuff on my own.

The oil drain bolt sits level, the cam tensioner bolt is at an angle different from the bottom of the engine.

Thanks guys for the reinstall of cam tensioner info

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