lots of oil, cam half moon rubber?

G'day guys, after riding today for about half an hour i got home and noticed heaps of oil dripping from the bike, it was sprayed all over the left side of the engine. luckily there was still enough in there as to not drop below low on the dipstick

on further inspection i found that the left half moon rubber cam cap thing had become disloged i oushed it back in place. would this cause a lot of oil to spray out? if the cam cover was open because of it?

any ideas, cheers - Brett

Yep, that would cause it. I would remove the cam cover, and reseat the entire gasket, including the two half moon plugs. Use a dab of Silastic to hold them in place (just a dab), while you re-install the cam cover. Top up oil, and you should be right. :naughty:

excellent. thanks for your reply Chris, thought that might be the case

If there is dammage, go by the book and buy a new one. Clean the surface of the head it comes in contact with and install. Proper torque for the two allen key bolts on the top of the head cover is 7.2 foot x pound (about 85 inch x pound). While you're at it, why not checking your valves...

Make sure your crankcase breather is not pinched.

To much crankcase pumpin presure causes the moons to pop.

Exactly over filling the oil can create that kind of pressure. Lets just say showing up late to a race and cutting some corners/being in a hurry might cause this to happen.

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