One happy dad...

After 14 years of not having a bike (last one was an '86 CR250) I'm finally riding again :naughty:

Thanks to all you folks in ThumperTalk in helping me get a feel for what current bikes are like (there have been a lot of changes!) and what to watch out for. I found this pristine 2000 WR400 back in late March at Lanes Yamaha (Watkins Glen, NY) and could not be happier with it or the dealer.


The snow's gone, my wife (xr100) and kids (crf 50 & 70) know how to ride, I'm riding again and life is great.

God Bless and take care!

Wow, for a 5 yo bike, your 400 looks mint, well done. You're a lucky man having your wife share in your love of riding, my missus is not into bikes at all :naughty: Glad my kids have some common sense. :D Good luck with your new bike, i'm sure you'll love it. :naughty:

good luck to ya. Nice find the bike looks brand new. :naughty:

Your daughter looks right at home on her bike ,so what bike to you ride ????

My Wife rides with me ... recently took her up a steep foresty road to the high country and she did great. On the way down I waited and waited and finally turned back to find her sitting on the ground next to the fallen bike. "Front end kicked out on me" she complains. I asked her why she was using the front brake so hard anyway and she says ..."This thing has back brakes?". Sure enough, all the way down the mountain and the front pads were smokin!

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