Air Scoops

MY New Baby, 2005 XR650L... what a way cool bike. Anyway... I live up here in the pacific NW wet and cool most all of the year witha few warm days thrown in during the summer time. I wonder the need for those bulky air scoops on the bike that direct air onto the head / motor. Do I need em? I would think that the cooling would be just fine up here without them.

Honda engineers are pretty educated I would imagine and they have tested their designs thoroughly before going into production...hence I would leave them put. The bike is air cooled tends to run warm/hot, and even the big aftermarket tanks have designs that emulate the stock wings.

I live in San Diego where the average temp is around 70-75 and I wouldnt remove mine to risk burning up my motor little by little without knowing the damage your causing.

Better off removing the smog and TV set on the rear fender then piping jetting and adding a Uni.

Well, you can always get a thermometer dipstick and experiment- I showed a pretty good temp increase at moderate speeds (20-35mph) when removing mine as a test.


Okay They stay! thanks guys!

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