Need Advice, bike run over

I need advice/suggestions on my 04 YZ450. At the track this weekend and the bike was run over by a skid loader. After review it looks like the damage is pretty bad. I would appreciate ideas on best way to go, should I fix it or junk it, and where to get parts if I decide it fix it.

I need; forks, fork guards, front fender, front #plastic, total exhaust system, front brake lever, front brake line, carb hoses, both radiators, and then the radiator shrouds for a WR as I have a WR tank on this YZ. Looks like big $$$ to fix, I am not sure about the front wheel or brake but they look OK. Any ideas on insurance claims?

Do you have insurance on it? if so then maybe a claim is in order. If you want to get an idea on replacement parts, there is usually parts like that on ebay, and you can also search by completed auctions to see what other parts like it went for.

Is there any way to get the driver of the skid loader to kick in?

the other option would be to part out the rest on ebay and start over. I think these motors go in go-carts, and their usually seems to be frames, motors, wheels, and everything else out there,

good luck,


The Guy operating the skiploader owes you repairs or a new bike. Period.

Take him to small claims court if the total bill is under 5000$.

good luck, that is horrible.

Could you give me directions to this track, so I am sure NEVER to end up there?

Post a picture I want to see how messed up it is.

I hope that you were not on the bike as it was being run over. (I also hope you didn't park the bike against the skid loader!)

Here are a couple of online palces for parts, but rebuilding it is going to be spendy! Price everything out...and then compare it to the cost of a used 450F. I wonder what will be the difference. Good luck!

Let us know what you find. I'm curious to learn the outcome.


You need to immediately do any of the following that you have not already.

  • Report the incident in detail to the track manager, and to the track owner, if they are different people.
    Check with your insurance company to see if they cover this. If they do, and you involve them, they will pursue anybody they can to get their money back.
    Have the bike checked out at a qualified shop, in case there is concealed damage. Get a quote on having the repairs made by a professional.
    If the quote is more than $5000, or whatever amount applies to small claims courts in your state, contact an attorney. Never play nice with people in these situations unless they offer to assume full responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Show up with the big guns on day one. Often, just a letter from an attorney will get things fixed. (Bear in mind that attorneys like to be paid. Find out how that works)
    Follow the attorney's instructions if you retained one. If you did not, present the quote to the owner and manager.
    If he won't come across with the money for the repairs, take him to court.

Be aware that if the damage exceeds the WHOLESALE value of the bike, the insurance company will want to pay that amount and buy the bike from you. That will then be all that you get for it. :naughty: You may be able to settle for something less and pick up the balance yourself. Which sucks.

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