my only complaint..........

i rode my xr650r for the first time this weekend. at first it took awhile to get used to it coming from a wr400. the torque is amazing. i was doing hill climbs at hungry valley in 4th gear, and to break the rear wheel loose by just rolling on the throttle. the XR didnt really feel that big and the plush suspension really hid the weight. those rocks and ruts i used to flinch for on the WR were non existint on the XR. the XR kept surprising me as the day went on, the only complaint that i had was the rear suspension sucked ace for me. in the sand wash and in the woops it felt like the rear shock was chained up to the rear fender and i was doing nose wheelies through the whole section. but then, the rear shock from factory is for a 160lbs rider and i 260. so it looks like i have some money to spend. all in all this bike looks like its going to be funnnn. most of my riding is racing district 37 so i will probably look in to the edelbrock and a exhaust system. any in put for exhaust will help. thanks..

Getting the right springs will make a good difference. For a stock uncorked bike, the stock exhaust system with the HRC tip isn't a bad way to go if you can get over the looks of the cannister. It's super durable, doesn't require any packing and power is as good or better than some of the aftermarket systems.

Take care of you suspension, then the chain will fall off... :D

I have a FMF Q ........ :D

And yes the Edelbrock is a great improvement over the stock carb. IMO. :naughty::naughty:

just put white bro,s tip on sounds good not too loud and sent suspension to esp ,george and set me up .just about all done cant wait to go roost !!!!!!give him a call very nice guy 1 818 249 6744

Spend your money on the suspension fine tuning. Then take care of the little things that will become major problems if ignored. See here;

Forget about exhaust replacement. You will loose performance over much of power band unless you also waste a bunch of money on unnescessary motor mods. You can also do very well with the stock carb.

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