Best exhaust tip?

Which one is best for the stock can on a 650R?

Thanks Mitch

Do you own a XR L or R ?

just curious and will help responses...

I just installed a White Bros E-series and this thing rips much more power and I am still waiting for my jets to arrive so I can mod carb and install my Uni filter.

with stock filter and jetting runs fine with all discs and has mad power compared to stock.

I think its the best looking pipe available with the Eliptical disc end and its not too long. It did burn a very small hole in fender near end but no problem really and doesnt bug turn signal etc.

Oh sorry...I just read post again...and got it MY BAD @%$*#

I think the HRC tip is the most used and recommended as I assume your using the R model and stock exhaust.

Stay away from Big Guns..I have heard a lot of complaints on rivets leaking etc.

Honda HRC tip.

anyone have the part # for the HRC tip?

Go here: Pig Pen and scroll about halfway down to uncorking. You'll have all you need.

call xrs only or log on

Which one is best for the stock can on a 650R?

Thanks Mitch

Honda HRC tip :naughty::D:naughty:

I went into a local Honda dealer (Beach Bvd, Huntington Beach CA.) and the dude quoted me $170 bucks for the HRC tip........... is this correct?

inquiring mind wants to know? :naughty:

$170 sounds steep but I believe it is close to what a dealer will charge. I got my at for around $100

dont forget the 2" hole saw trick-cutting out the original/stock tip. very very very similar results to the $100+ HRC tip. just use lots of WD40 while you saw it out.

The only difference is about 1" of screen. Both are 'blocked' and so a forest ranger wont be able to push his stick down either way.

Of course you will be over the 92 db's with both.

Get the HRC exhaust tip, cut that spark screen and back baffle plate off, keep the stock headers, drill the airbox, jet it rich with a 180 (below 1000' elev.), run high octane. This setup produces extreme low-end to upper mid-range power, top-end is improved also, but not as drastically.

And stay away from Big Gun pipes!!! They are JUNK!! Even if they did fit right, and didn't fall apart, still, they ruin the awesome power of this bike and are extremely loud for no reason. The resonance is way off, in fact, those pipes never hit a resonance, very very flat and lame power from the big gun pipes. Who do they think they are anyway? Honda engineers? I don't think so.

I bought the billet tip Gadsan referred to on ebay and I also have an HRC with the spark arrestor to compare it to, I prefer the ebay tip. Sounds better, definitely breathes better and not really much louder.

cool thanks

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