Knuckle Relief

Anyone out there find it a pain to reset the trip odometer after you've racked up major miles on it? My knuckles and wrist kept telling me there must be a better way...

Here's a tip that worked like a champ. Find a 3-4 inch piece of 3/4" tubing (I used a piece of thick clear plastic but garden hose may work too). Push a rubber 3/4" sanding disc mandrel in one end of the hose and attach it to a drill. Slip the other end over the knob on the odometer, pull the knob (with the hose attached to it) away from the odometer so it will adjust mileage, set the drill in reverse and spin away. I took 100 miles off in about 20 seconds.

I offer this suggestion at the risk of someone smarter than I telling me to press this button or do this other thing and instantly reset the odometer. If there is such a feature, I sure haven't found it yet! :)

Hi Rob,

You just have to hit something hard enough that you break it off, then you don't have to worry about it!!!!.

By the way I live in Cambridge and am always looking for somebody to ride with, We should hook up sometime. I know Clark county bike trails are still open, and Ottawa IL also. I ride black river falls quite a bit, but they are closed for the season.Hope to see ya sometime.

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