05 best aftermarket exhaust

Would like to hear some thoughts on aftermarket exhausts for the 05 YZ450.

With the detuning for 05 , I am real curious to see which silencers and head pipes help regain some of the hit.

I am real interested in the new Mega Bomb by FMF- does this header require the use of a FMF silencer and mid pipe or will the stock silencer work.


this will cause many an argument - mine is better than yours.....etc.....

FMF is good, WhiteBros is good, procircuit is good - how much do you want to spend?

then there is the no names that so many love - Jemco, CHM, thunderalley,,,

BIG GUN, added a little more bottom end and rev on the top.

The 05 was not detuned, it lost no power, the power was spread over a wider RPM range to make it smoother = faster.

Good quote!

Try the procircuit T4 or Ti4, compared to stock it works very well!

I have the Pro Circuit T4 and it seems to really help the bike. No complaints here.

Do you guy's with the Pro Circuit have the low boy headpipe as well or just the silencer


Have just the silencer only.

Only the silencer!

Try the new Yosh Comp TRC!

I put the Dr. D slip-on on my 05 450 and noticed an increase in the low and mid portion of the powerband. Awesome exhaust, it isn't too loud, comes with a spark arrestor, and has the option for a quiet core insert plus it is a good price. This exhaust was designed by the man who knows yamaha four stokes best. Matt

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