Filtrex Oil Filters Any Good?

Hello thumpers,

Has anyone used filtrex oil filters and are they any good?And

is it ok to use a non

genuine yamaha oil filter...


J :naughty:

01 426

I don't know anything specific about Filtrex filters, but I'll guess that they're paper. A paper filter would be my last choice of the 3 available, no matter how good a paper element it was.

When the '03 models came out with a reduced oil capacity, they came with the present paper filter elements. Paper has the advantage of filtering much finer materials, generally into the 25 micron range, and will trap some of the even finer particles due to its fibrous construction. Among the disadvantages are the fact that they cannot be reused, they fall apart if exposed to even small amounts of water, and are quite restrictive to oil flow through the element. This leads to problems, especially when cold, and especially if using heavier grades of oil, because the filter bypass valve will open, allowing completely unfiltered oil to run through the engine. If you rev your bike up on a cold start, or ride hard before the oil reaches about 150 degrees, your paper filter is bypassing.

All YZF oil filters are interchangeable. Scotts has one filter listed for the YZF. Any size, any year. Fits them all.

The filter used up through the '02 models was a brass mesh filter. They filter to 70-80 microns. The advantages are that they are reusable, and they have a high flow rate. The disadvantages are that they are fairly delicate, and can be easily damaged during cleaning if treated at all roughly, and they don't really filter that well to begin with.

The only disadvantages to stainless mesh filters are that they are expensive, and they don't filter quite as well as paper, at least, assuming the paper filter isn't in bypass. The Scotts (the only one of the 3 available that publishes any hard info on their product) does filter to 35 microns, though, which is twice as good as brass mesh. All of them are extremely durable, and can tolerate most any reasonable method of cleaning for years. They flow oil so easily that the bypass valve essentially never opens. The price is offset by their longevity. Changing oil at the rate I do, I would spend over $80/year on Paper elements if I paid $5 each for them. The Scotts costs $65-70.

As he said..I use scotts wash it out in thinners every 5 hours, then filter through coffee filter papers to see whats going on inside, well worth it but with UK import tax price over here is double that....CURTAINS23


where can i get a scotts from can you give me an address, how much r they and what exactly do you clean it in thinners?please eleborate

Best regards

J :naughty:

Search out scotts and that will give you a supplier, i got mine from brian at thumpertalk, but they are expensive 50 - 60 dollars (£30) plus shipping(£11) plus VAT when it gets over here (£22)...washing is easy put the filter in a jam jar half filled with thinners give it a good shake and hey presto its done, I run mine on MOTUL V300 SPORT, speak to kieth at sylvesters in holmfirth 01484686683 he will give you the full spec of this oil and also sell you some,



A little tip on washing your Scotts:

Use a container large enough for you to reach into while holding the filter endwise, covering the oil outlet port. Do this to prevent the crud from the outside getting to the inside, where the clean oil is. Once that's done, spray a bit of carb cleaner, or even soapy water, from inside out, then from outside in, dry it and put it back. :naughty:

cheers curtains, do you ride local lancs yorks way?

My son does the main riding hes 16 and rides at Armthorpe (Doncaster) excellent track there, and Peakdale (Buxton) I'm there to drive and fix the things he breaks..Oh and to pay...Curtains23

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