Brake Spares, help please...

Hello all.

Please could you have a look at this image and let me know if the part that is highlighted in RED is available to purchase as a separate unit.

Brake Pic

I am in the process of converting the bike into a supermoto bike and need to shorten that arm. I am only going to do it if I can get a spare one to hack up... :naughty:

I also don't want to buy a whole new calliper as I know that will be $$$.

Alternatively if you know how to mount a 250mm (standard size 426 disc) onto a CCM 404 wheel, I am all ears :naughty:

Thanks as always.


Looking at the parts catalog, it doesn't appear that it's available except as part of the caliper assembly.

hmmm... thats what i was affraid of :naughty:


I managed to wrap a steel flag around my rear wheel out at the dunes and it broke that part in two. I searched high and low and was not able to find it as a seperate piece, even after calling several shops. I finally ordered it from a local shop and it cost me $140. Look around before buying, some of the online places are really high.


thanks for the help guys

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