Considering FMF titanium Q or DR.D

Reasons for the Titanium Q

1. Weight savings would be nice, especially weight on the top.

2. Considering my bike is red sticker, I dont want anything too loud that will

draw unwanted attention during green sticker season.

Reasons for DR.D

1. I've heard lots of good things about it, especially that you feel gains througout the powerband.

i hear the DR.D is really loud, though ?....and it's stainless steel so it must be a good bit heavier ?

any thoughts ? ? ? :naughty:

The dr.d is only 6.6 pounds, which is 25% less than a stock yzf pipe and 50% less than a stock wr pipe. im going to get a dr.d in a few weeks, I also have heard great things about it. the q only provides a small gain over the wr pipe and no gain compared to the yzf pipe. They also make a quiet core insert for the dr.d that brings it down to 96 db with still some gain over stock, how much, that I don’t know you will have to find out from some one who has the pipe.

Dr. D now has 3 quiet core inserts. You really can't go wrong with either one!!

And you also can't go wrong if you

I played around with the quiet insert and the spark arrester on my Dr. D. If you don't use the spark arrester it is very loud. The arrester quiets it a little, and the insert brings it down to 96db as WR250guy846 said. I did not notice any performance decrease in any case, with or without the insert/spark arrester. I highly recommend Dr. D, I feel its the best pipe for $/performance. Do a search for exhausts and youll get pretty much the same opinions

how much is the Dr.d? the only places i can find prices are at "below cost" online "warehouses" so i don't know what to expect when i go to my local dealer.

I've always been afraid of getting a Dr D. and then having to put a quiet insert in there, since I hate loud exhausts, and consequently cancelling out any performance gains it would give. I'm glad to know that's not the case. I still hate to drop that kind of money....A big bore kit would be a better investment as far as $/hp goes so I'll probably do that first.

The full pipe with insert should be about $515+tax or shipping. You can buy them direct from

$383.00 is that for a complete system ? does that include the low boy header pipe ?

What a deal !!!!!!!

$383.00 is that for a complete system ? does that include the low boy header pipe ?

What a deal !!!!!!!

Yes, complete system, and Thumpertalk store will match that price, they did for me anyway.. :naughty:

Plus FREE shipping!

well, you guys talked me into the i just have to figure out where to have it the fiance doesn't see it... :naughty::D:naughty:

b.t.o. is right down the street from me too !

Fiance? You don't have to hide stuff from her until she becomes your wife. I've been hidin' essential motorcycle parts from mine for 25 years! :naughty:

bto will let you pick it up from them so you don't have to have it delivered. thats what i did when i ordered bars and clamps from them.

anyone know if they make a heat shield for the low boy header

Dude, if your hiding stuff now then whats next for her to take away when you get married, the whole bike? I bet your not supposed to be blowing money cause your supposed to be saving for a ring.

I think his technique is called the mushroom method.

Feed them crap and keep them in the dark.

thanks, wr250guy846 and smileyman you guys solved my debate I'm sick of my "Q". I wanted a easy flow pipe that can give my power and still be quiet!


I'm picking the DrD pipe and wr mounting kit today at bto. WoohoooooO ! ! !

I'm going riding saturday. Wooohoooo again ! ! ! ! :naughty:

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