Just another Who lives close to me thread

Elkton VA. At intersection of 33 and 340. Also very close to the Skyline drive. About 2 miles away. So who lives close and know where or wants to ride? I have a DRZ400S.


Salem, VA here. Maybe meet halfway?

I think there is a trail in Edinburg (about half way) that is pretty nice. What do you ride?

I'm afraid you're looking halfway in the wrong direction. If I understand correctly, Edinburg is north of both of us. Salem is south on 81, basically a suburb of Roanoke. I did a ride with some TT'ers out west of Harrisonburg in the GW forest that was pretty cool- we could try that out. I ride a DRZ400-S with bike protection, otherwise stock.

You are right. :naughty: :naughty: I am not sure what I was thinking that day. The is a lot of riding from Harrisonburg west to WVA. I haven't done much up there because I am from Waynesboro (81N to 340N) but I have a set of forestry maps that I need to sit down with and make some routes to explore. I shoot you a PM when I have something.

There is some great riding all around you. Just fire it up and head west. You can easily go as far Elkins WV with only a few short sections of pavement. I'm west of you, near Monterey, and ride over towards Harrisonburg a few times a year. Dig out those maps and start exploring. :naughty:

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