just got back from the dealer... not happy at all

went to the dealer in manassas virginia and they didnt really help me out. i ordered a repair manual for 46$ and got an oil filter and oil and stuff. i asked if they could look up in the shop manual how much oil the engine is taking and wether the clutch runs through motor oil or gear oil.. they were like the shop guy is not in today so we cant go in there. but its gear oil pretty sure.

oh well i got a bottle of gear oil and went home. did the oil change and looked at the bike.

its a 96 dr 200 se with 5 gear box and 199ccm

the oil filler plug on the right top site of the engine states 850ml oil and the little window on the right of the engine shows barely full with that. its more like one quart.

here is my question:

the left side of the engine has a filler plug on the top. what is this plug for? (i would look into the owners manual but i dont have one, and the repair manual is ordered) could someone please tell me what that one is for. also the bottom of the engine has 2 drain plugs. one is a drainaige plug and the other one is connected to a plate that has a strainer behind it.



Ok I got the manual in my hand. the plug on the left hand side is for when you want to find top dead center for the piston when you do a valve adjustment, you take the plug out and look in the hole to find the mark on the flywheel.Valves should be between 0.08-0.13mm or .003-.005in if you want to check them.The engine oil drain plug is the big one on the bottom .it says it takes 850ml to change oil only, 950ml if you change the filter. You should hold the bike vertically and the oil should be between the F and L in the little window on the side, This oil is for the gears and clutch also so there is no separate gear oil. Spark plug is NGK DR8EA gap is 0.6-.07mm or 0.024-0.028in Tire pressure is 22psi front 25 rear. Fork oil is 10wt 309ml each leg or 179.5mm from the top when fully compressed.If you need more information just let me know.

thanks for the answer. i cant wait to have the repair manual in my hand

DO NOT run the bike with GEAR OIL in the case!!!!!!! Those guys are idiots if they told you to use gear oil as motor oil. The manual probably recommends 10w-40 motorcycle oil

havent touched the gear oil. it will go back when i pick the manual up from them

mrclean0077, I have an 86' SP200 do you know if the info from the manual you posted is applicable for it too? I know the 200 had a good run without big changes. I am wanting to change the fork oil and adjust the valves.



I don,t know if the engine would be the same but I would bet you would not have the same forks as a 2003. may be someone else could help.

DO NOT run the bike with GEAR OIL in the case!!!!!!! Those guys are idiots if they told you to use gear oil as motor oil. The manual probably recommends 10w-40 motorcycle oil

That's what I was thinking when I read that! :D Idiots! :D I remember back in 87 I was in a honda dealership in Victorville and some guy is talking to the guy at the counter. Says he has an XL600 and isn't sure if it is a 1 or 2 cylinder. Obviously a biker newbie. So the guy behind the counter says "Does it have 1 carb or 2?" The newb says 2. "Then it's a 2 cylinder." :naughty: I could NOT believe what he just told this guy. He works in a motorcycle shop selling shit left and right, and tells the guy a Honda XL is a 2 cylinder based on the amount of carbs. :naughty:

im still waiting for them to call me and let me know that my special order repair manual had come in

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