tall seat foam for xr250

Where could i get a tall foam kit for a 1994 xr 250. Im 6' 2" and just a little low for me. Any ideas?

Come on, someone has to know where i can get taller seat foam and cover for it.

I have a SDG seat, Its 1 " taller and has a gripper cover...... :naughty:

qadsan, your seat sounds good.

The links dont seem to work. Got any more?

Guts Racing seat foam and covers are really nice. I run them on my XR400 and will probably get one for the XR250 soon. The medium density foam is plenty soft. I'm sure it is like a pillow compared to a SDG seat. I would never get the soft Guts foam and will probably try out the hard on the next seat. It's too bad Guts has such a crummy website with very few pictures of their stuff. I asked them if they had any pictures of the new seat foam and cover for the CRF250/450 and they just said no, there are none and won't be any. Too bad they don't want to sell more than they do. They make great foam and cover the widest range of bikes, but they just don't run a very good website.

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