New Husky info in Cyclenews...

Wow, some interesting stuff...

- Sold 12,000 in 04, shooting for 15,000 in 05 amd looking to do 20,000 in the next few years.

- Working on a V-twin 650-1000cc for SM and street :naughty:

- Developing a new 250cc 4 stroke for 06, very compact and 35hp enduro and 40hp MX.

A quote under a pic of a guy jumping a 05TC450 states "off-raod bikes rapidly nearing the performance levels of the best Japanese bikes" :naughty:



I feel so teased...thanks I needed that! :naughty:

I also have heard from a friend in the media that the 06 TE250 is new from the ground up. Supposedly weighs at least 10lbs less than 05.

He told me to hang onto my 04 250EXC until the 06 Huskys come out. They are that good.

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