Old guy dirt surfing in Norcal

Some local trails, having fun avoiding tree ecounters of the bad kind

10mb helmet cam video

patend pend. on the high tech drink system

Awesome :naughty: Good choice in music :naughty:

Nice video!

What kind of setup did you use to take the video?

Very nice. Where at?

hell yeah! getting me pumped! wish it weren't monday. arrrrghhhh....5 days till i rde. :naughty::naughty:

Oh Yeah :D:D:naughty::naughty::D

Good choice in music :naughty:

Your joking right? :naughty:



Cool vid though.

Your joking right? :naughty:



Cool vid though.

Uh, no, I wasn't!

cool vid!!

Awesome :naughty: Good choice in music :naughty:

really good song..rock you like a hurricane...and how can nobody not like that song

People dubbing music over dirtbike vids is getting really old. I'd rather hear the bikes, at least a little. Cool video though. When did trail riding become known as dirt surfing?

Cool vid, thank for sharing.. BTW.. where at?? or is it secret?? :naughty:

That is at rock creek ohv. I just use a 380 line bullet cam from ebay with a sony trv 350 hi8 camera. I just thought up the dirtsurfing thing. I don't have a microphone attached to my camera yet. and watching it in silence is pretty boring.

looks like fun!!! nice water bottle holder too! I prefer a camel pack.

love that song!

I like the cup holder on the bars! Shaken not stirred, where do you keep the olives?

Turing 50 this year so figure I only have 50 more years of riding left.

great video!! thanks for sharing.. must be northern cali :naughty:

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