Radiator braces help

I smashed my left hand radiator on my crf 450 yesterday and am now buying braces for my bike, does anyone have a good suggestion as to what brand? I was between the duvol and works connection have heard good and bad of both. Would like to hear from someone who has gotten the braces and survived a crash with little to no radiator damage. Thanks


I saw those as well but can't get them from parts unlimited. I get the others at cost thanks for the fast reply!

If you're looking for maximum protection, there are three brands that are very popular here:




Each are roughly the same design and completely wrap around the rad. I personally use a set of Roosters, but any one of them are a great addition to your bike. The Devols are sort of the same design but a weaker guard, and Works Connections offer no protection for a direct hit from the side (they do offer support for front to back).


I have the Uni biker and they provide side impact as well as frontal impact,my 02 I had devols and crushed a radiator,I added works connection braces with the devols,with the Unibiker you get both,and Brian is a good guy to do business with.

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