Dust to Glory in N.H.?

I've been checking all the movie theater listings I can find, and I'm trying to find where Dust to Glory will be playing. So far...nothing. Many places have never heard of it! (its tough living in a very rural location). If anyone knows where and when it will be playing in northern N.H. (I'm in Colebrook, but am willing to travel), northwestern Maine, or northeastern Vermont, I'd like a heads-up! I'm impatient and can't wait for it to come to DVD. Plus I want to take my stepson, since hes has a quad and I think he would love it.


I'm having the same problem.... God forbid any good movies ever get played up here in the sticks...... :naughty:

What part of Maine are you from? Just wondering how far you guys are from us.


Skankford, ahem, I mean Sanford. :naughty:

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