YZ250F hour meter install?

Hi Guys,

I'm the proud owner of 2 2005 YZ250F's.....they are my son's MX race bikes. I have learned a lot by reading this forum over the past few months and want to thank you! I want to make sure I don't have any catastropic engine problems (don't we all!) so as a preventative measure I purchased 2 engine hour meters to keep track of running time. It seemed simple enough to install...just wrap the lead wire around the spark plug wire and mount the meter with double sided tape. Then I discovered that the YZF apparently has the coil built into the spark plug cap! Wrapping the lead wire around the wires running to the coil of course does nothing since there is no high voltage there to trigger the meter. I was windering if anyone had any ideas on how to get this meter to work with our bikes. Thanks for any suggestions you have to offer!

Just wrap it around the cap a couple of times and it's all good. :naughty:

That was way too easy! I was thinking I was going to have to figure out how to route the wire through the drain hole and then wrap it around the section between the coil and plug! Thank you very much.

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