Yamaha 2003 and Yamaha 2002 Is the rear shock the same??

I have a 2003 yz250f that has rg3 revalve on the forks and rear shock.

I have a 2002 yz250f that is bone stock. I know the front forks will bolt on to either bike. Will the rear shock assembly interchange as well??

What I wish to accomplish is exchanging all the aftermarket goodies

on my 2003 to my 2002 so I have a green sticker bike.

Thanks in advance for any info. :naughty:

The quickest and easiest way to check is to pull both shocks and check the eye-to-eye length and see if they are the same.

FWIW, I have an 02 YZ250 (2 stroke) and 03 YZ450F and the shocks interchange, but I would still check yours if it was me.


Has anyone ever tried this ???

yes riders will take their favorite suspension from bike to bike.

on the yamahas they will swap and wont need disassembly to correct shaft length on the shock back untill 00 and 99 range .but all those bikes should fazed out by now for a serious racer that would be thinking about swapping

the motion ratio is slightly different and gets changed sometimes from year to year and if you don't have availability to all the different arms and linkage you can have a little bit of spring and tuning to do in the rear , but you should be ready to do that anyway .

now tony yours should swap with out any problem. :naughty:

Thanks guys

I am gonna go for it . I have a 2002 that is gonna get hot cams and a pipe. Then dyno tuned, before and after for hp increase. Then Ill swap the forks and rear shock from my 2003 to my 2002. It has been revalved by rg3. I hope the 2002 handles the same as the 2003 or better with more power.

I mostly ride trail with a little bit of mx track time.

Ive only been riding a year and spent about 4 months of that nursing a ankle injury durning the red sticker season.

Thanks for all your help.

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