Laser Eye Surgery

Anyone had the laser eye surgery done to correct their vision? If so, any pros/cons?

Best money i ever spent!! My Doc is the one thats on ABC's MAKEOVER (Robert Maloney). :naughty:

I was just talking to my roommate about it the other day. He did it five years ago and also said it was the best money he ever spent. He said it was not painful and a fast procedure. He had nothing negative to say about it!!

I had this done on one eye two time 2 years ago and it didn't work. For some reason my eye has been focusing for the same amount it won't relax. It is kid of the opposite of lazy eye. I guess I did mis-speak, it did work, but only if I use numbing drops all day every day, which they won't let me. i am 20/20 with a numb eye, but much worse without.

Would I do it again, yes! Not very painful at all. Just make sure you have the day off, get it done, go home to sleep. When you wake up, you will feel like you have something in your eye, but that will go away in a day or two.


Best gift you can give yourself. I did it 7 years ago, and I'm still 20/15, which is better than average. My wife was 20/800, and had worn glasses since she was 5, and she is 20/20. I did it when it was $4,000, and I would pay that again. My wife did the bargain 1,000 deal, and her results were the same.

Sorrry - I'm not a thumpette, but noticed the topic. I got it done two months ago - finally pushed over the edge by a post like this on TT! And I can agree with most of the posts here. I am at 20/15 in one eye and solid 20/20 in the other. I do not get dry eyes that I can notice and have never been bothered with "night glare".

I paid extra for something called "custom wavefront" or something like that which supposedly maps your particular eye shape better than the standard procedure. Could be bogus - I don't care. My results are excellent and that's all that matters.

Good luck!

I'm not a thumperette either but the topic caught my eye (if you'll pardon the pun!). I had customvue lasik on my left eye on Feb 22nd and my right eye on March 22nd, as a matter of fact I have a thirty day follow up this afternoon with the eye surgeon. I went from 20/400 with astigmatism to 20/15 left and 20/18 right with no astigmatism. I've had no problems with glare,halos, dry eye, or any of the other potential complications. There are risks and everyone responds differently so I'm not saying do it as the choice/result is your decision but for me it was wonderful and I wish everybody could see as well as I do now. Good luck! :naughty:

I also am not a Thumperette, but got my eyes done in dec 04, Best 4K i ever spent not on a toy.. I have been wearing glasses since i was like 5. I had nearsighedness with astigistisim with really bad vison. Not Coke bottles but bad. I also most was close to being on the maxium vision they could work on. Since the operation, no problems, can see great and no more glasses. The first time riding,skiing,surfing was like i was a kid again. Well worth the money. Just make sure to follow the directions the Doc gives you to ensure no infection. BTW when they ask if you want Valium, a take the 15MG. It doesn;t hurt, but it is a really weird feeling.. Go For It.

Thanks everyone for the advice, I think I am going to go for it!

Do a little research on it first. There are a few negatives not many people have to deal with but still happen. After reading about it I think I'll stick with my contacts. I'd rather deal with them for a few more years until the procedure is a little better. After all, it's your eyes.

I agree, i have was thinking about this since the procedure came out way back when. I waited until i felt the technology was stable. From what i know if you find an experienced doctor, mine did over 25,000 procedures i think you will be ok. But never the less, they are your eyes, so do some reasearch to find a good Doc.

PS, it is really nice not to have your goggles and glasses fog up at the same time....

Had it done 4 years ago, was perfect for 3 years or so. Needed glasses again last year. NOw I'm sick of glasses (again) and thinking of going to contacts (again).

It was nice while it lasted, but for $4500..........

I wanted too, I was turned down. They discovered that I had a weakening of the cornea in both eyes in the same spot of both. The Lasik surgeon asked if I was wearing contacts, (I had not in over 6 years, dry eyes). So he said he was reluctant to do the surgery. Told me to go try contacts again. New ones that have improvements to handle dry eye. I can wear the new ones, but not much for than 6 hours.

I have a girlfriend who works for another Lasik surgeon, she does the preliminary exam. She told me to come see her and she will give me another opinion and the definitive decision. Who knows though, they still may come up with something better. Look how far they have come in less than 10 years.

I was 20 / 200 starting in the 3rd grade, which is legally blind. I could not see the big E on top of the chart, it is 200mm. I had lasic surgery 4 yrs ago, at age 26. I did not have trouble with dry eyes but did have slightly blurred vision at night on lighted signs. This was the only trouble that I had and it cleared up after about 6-8 months. I was 20/15 immediately after the surgery and I believe that I still am but have not had them checked in the last two years. I would do it over again definitely. With my vision my glasses was costing me $500 a pair. I got the surgery done for $700 per eye.

I expect my eyes to get worse as I age but just normally. I think that it really depends on your age if it will be effective and turn out good.

Good Luck. :naughty:

It's been 2 years for me with no regrets! Don't wait, I believe there is a cut off time on age around 43/45 years. Buy yourself a good pair of sunglasses.

the only glasses you'll need now! :naughty:

I had Lasik about 9 months ago. It worked great :naughty:

I never had it done, but I DID stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

I'm getting it done next thursday! The procedure that I'm getting is a little different then Lasik, it doesn't involve having a flap which is where most of the complications come from. It's going to be more uncomfortable after the surgery but I think it's worth it not to have to worry about the flap! If you're interested is the place that i'm having it done and it is ASA (advanced surface ablation). I'll give you an update next week!

Dr Maloney did mine last year, I love it!

Cool Guy!! Did you have it done @ Jules Stein? or his new place? He's a few that are approved by the FDA?

My vision was also 20/200 :naughty: When you get older you(everyone) will need reading glasses. Thought my vision took a shit until i found out i have Diabetis, once under control my vision came back! :naughty:

I had Custom (wavefront analyzer) Lasik performed 9 years ago at the "Toronto Laser Sight Centre" in Toronto, Canada by Dr. Calvin W. Breslin BSc, MD, FRCSC. The proceedure wasn't FDA approved here in the states and two of my friends had gone to Toronto and had excellent results. My eyes were 20/200 with a real bad astigmatism. In 1996 I spent a total of $4000.00 out of pocket, I didn't want a bargain, I wanted the best and that's what I got.

My eye sight is 20/15, I have had no side effects at all. The most important thing in Lasik is getting the most experienced, successful surgeon available. Unless they have 95% or greater of their patients with 20/25 or better I wouldn't go.

I read the "www.go" sight and I'm not convinced that theirs is really much of a difference in proceedure. It actually sounds more risky, they still lift a thin layer of the cornea? They say:

"the epithelium, (the outermost layer of the cornea) lifted by using a weak alcohol solution that weakens the epithelium, and allows it to be moved toward the top of the eye"

They either cut it or tear it? They get it up there somehow?

The epithelium, (the outermost layer of the cornea) is where Lasik is performed, with or without a flap.

I prefer a precision cut flap that is marked and replaced back over exactly where it was before the proceedure. The other thing I don't like about their site is they say "they use only local surgeons", I don't want local surgeons, I would want the best!

You have to look out for yourself! They all want your money, make sure you give it to the best.

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