going nuts please help

I am going to have an aneurysm if i don't come up with some kind of solution. this is my last year on a 125 basically cuase its a two stroke and i rode my friends yz 250f and i would like something with a little more overall power. I am definitely going with the ktm 450 either SX or MXC. I like the idea of the E- start and six gears for high speed sections while trail riding like crossing fields but the tank is so amazingly ugly (for some reason that bothers me more than it should). I guess the biggest thing I'm scared of is not being able to use a 4 speed offroad or end up spending 800 more for a bike that doesn't look that great and cant get it done on the track

Get the MXC and ask them to put the small tank on! If you are buying a new bike and spending that kind of dough, I am sure the dealer will accomodate you. I bought the 525 MXC and I absolutely LOVE it! :naughty::naughty:


Do the mxc's feel very heavy cause i only weigh about 140 lbs

I have a 01 MXC 400 and I love it!! As for tank and weight, I have an after market Clarke tank and its sweet but on a full tank its heavier but not noticeable. I don't think you should let the tank make your decision-the tank should be a minor item in the scheme of things. Also, the 6 gear tranny is SWEET!! you can really move. Best of luck. I can send pics if you want/need them. thomdogg

has anyone tried racing mx with the MXC? i heard next year they are supposed to have the same top end as the sx but a different tranny from both the exc and the sx. could just eb a rumor though

The MXC should be a reasonable compramise between MX & trail riding, you will need to change the tank & seat to EXC

Find an SX and add the mxc 5th and 6th. Then you will have a bike that works on the track and won't have to worry about tapping out in fouth in the high speed sections. You should be able to get it converted for less than the $800 price difference.

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