e-Trex vista mount?

newbie here with some gps ????'s trying to go low-$, and the garmin e-Trex Vista caught my eye. seems to have alot of the same functions as the 60cs &76cs, just less memory. it even has a handle bar mount( how tough?). everybody seems to rave about the 60 & 76cs ,is the e-Trex just not up to snuff for trail, and or road maps? thnks in advance for yer replies.

I have a etrax and run it with a RAM mount ($50+s/h) dont use the stock mount from Garmin it hold up. And the Mapsource TOPO, most tracks are done with that program

I've been running a Vista on my bike for about two years now, with a RAM mount. Works great! I haven't taken any hard falls with it, but it holds up well to typical trail abuse.

The Vista is a good unit, just a lil hard to use with the buttons on the side. It's also subject to battery issues with offroad motorcycle use. When I had the e-trex I bought the $8.00 dollar bicycle mount. It worked great. It was the only thing that didnt break on my rib breaking, dualsport headlight ripping off fall three years ago. Just wrap inertube rubber around the handlebar and install the mount over it. This will help cushion the vibration. Then, open the battery cover and cut 2 inch lengths of cocktail straws. Lay a couple in the battery box. They work like little shock absorbers and hold the batteries down.

I use the Garmin handlebar mount also on my KTM 640 Dualsport. It has givin me no trouble for two years and except for battery contact problems the GPS works fine even though it is getting vibrated.

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