newbie here, need your expertise

After a few yrs of street riding I'm thinking about trading my 02 Yammie FZ1 straight up for a new '05 KLX300......or should I try to find a KDX220 to trade for? 2 or 4-stroke doesn't matter to me. I just want good tractable power that won't need much clutch fanning if I miss a gear on a hill. Years ago I had a Husky 250XC and loved the thing. Bullet-proof, no mtc required. I will be trail riding and looking to do some hare scrambles again. Ok, guys, let me hear it. I may be pulling the trigger on the trade tomorrow.....

I think it boils down as to whether you want a 2S or a 4S. They both look siimilar, both have excellent reliability, and both handle similarly. I'm guessing (not sure) that the KDX would be a little lighter. If you want to DS the bike, the KLX would win out. Also, the KLX should have a much further range if you go on long rides (about 100 miles). The KDX will be punchier due to it being a 2S, but the KLX is a monster on hills - especially if you put in the dynojet kit for $60. Lots of torque and pulls very nicely, allowing for mid hill corrections and such with out a lot of clutch fanning. It will pull a very tall gear up all but the most steep sand hills.

If you want to DS the bike, the KLX would win out. .

Pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean by "DS the bike........?"

(watch, I'll figure that out as soon as I click on SUBMIT REPLY.)

actually, the spec sheet shows both weighing 234 lbs., same seat height, same wheelbase.

The 300 sure would be sweet if your terrain is similar to TN. I kicked around the same idea before settling on my 300 (after some modifications). I've ridden several hot four/two strokes and I like the predictable manner (ride and engine) of the 300. When I'm on the throttle, I know exactly what to expect and that counts for a lot when I'm in a tough section. Like Bill said, it's a blast on hills - the more gnarly the better.

Keep in mind that there aren't as many aftermarket parts for the 300, especially graphics and stuff - if you're into that. The basic hardware is out there, though.

I feel that my 300 will be more fun and faster in a long ride or race. The 220 is a sweet bike, though.

Pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean by "DS the bike........?"

(watch, I'll figure that out as soon as I click on SUBMIT REPLY.)

actually, the spec sheet shows both weighing 234 lbs., same seat height, same wheelbase.

jrex, what? You can't read my mind???


DS = Dual Sport the bike. Street plate it for easier access to trails that cannot be accessed any other way very easily.

Where in Georgia will you be riding? We ride mostly at Houston Valley up in North Georgia. I contemplated a KDX220R before settling on the KLX300R.

I went for several years without riding and when I decided to get back into it, I started reading about the eventual phase out of 2-strokes and then I also thought about having to keep up with pre-mix, maintenance, and at the same time, my boys where just starting out so I wanted something that could be putted on or pushed hard.

My buddy rides an old KX250 and loves my bike if that tells you anything.

If you want to race, the KDX is probably better. If you're a casual trail rider like me and want to be able to ride with the kids one day and ride with your friends another day, the KLX is hard to beat. :naughty:

Dave, where is Houston Valley? I'm 30 minutes south of ATL in Peachtree City. You in the ATL area? I'm somewhat familiar with parts of North Ga since friends and I do a lot of road riding on 180 (Suches) and 60 (Morganton) and 129 (Dahlonega) and RRParkway. Dang, if I end up doing this my wife is gonna shoot me when I tell her I "NEED" gear, too, after buying all kinds of gear for riding the street.

....nothing a day at the spa won't cure. OK - maybe a supper too, but she'll get over it......eventually. What an investment in your effort, though! :D:naughty::naughty:

i would pick the kdx220 (or if u want to go with the used kdx250 [ its a little more powerful but not by much]) but if u were goin to ride street\dirt (daulsport) then i would get a klx300

Houston Valley is in Fayetteville or around it just north of Dalton and not far from the Tennessee boarder. We like it because the trails are well marked and there seems to be a good balance of beginner, intermediate, and expert trails for everybody to ride.

I live in Acworth and it typically takes about an hour and 15 minutes to get to Houston Valley. The best part about the ORV's is we pay $5 a rider and ride for as many hours as we can stand.

Some of the tracks we've been to charge $15 for limited hours and their trails aren't that great. I have not been to Durhamtown Plantation yet, but for me and my two sons, it would cost $75 a day to ride.

Check out for information on riding areas in the state. I'm pretty sure there's a few closer to you! :naughty:

Also, check websites like for riding gear. You can get some pretty good deals on closeouts. I also like for riding apparal. I paid $79 for a pair of Fly 208 pants and jersey last year from them. That's less than 1/2 the original cost.

Here's another good site with a map of riding places:

Enjoy! :naughty:

I don't know I ride with a guy who rides a kdx and he can't go anywhere I can't go. I even believe that I can outrun him on a longer straight a way. My vote is for the klx. After riding smoker's for years it is nice to just pull up to the pump and fill it up and not have to mess with the mix.

But I'm sure that Idaho riding is alot different that Georgia.

i have a question for all of ya....i am 5'7" 145 u think i could handle riding either the KDX220/200 or KLX300? the seat hight is 36" i think but my inseam is only 30"....or am i stuck riding 125's all my life?

i have a question for all of ya....i am 5'7" 145 u think i could handle riding either the KDX220/200 or KLX300? the seat hight is 36" i think but my inseam is only 30"....or am i stuck riding 125's all my life?

I'm just over 5'7" (inseam of 30") and I don't have any issues riding my KLX300. I think it is the perfect size. :naughty: My wife has a CRF230 (34" seat hight) and it feels a bit small when riding.

I'm 5'10" with a 30" inseam. I love my KLX300. Even a 36" seat height is tough to throw a leg over sometimes, but I manage.

I've seen guys smaller ride tall bikes too and it's amazing. My friend is probably your size and he rides a KX250 without any problems.

You'll love a KLX300R. The smaller 125's are only play bikes and you'd be wanting more of a bike with real suspension once you start riding more aggressively.

I'm your size too. You won't have any problems, when the bike settles in you will be able to touch with your toes like me. Or you can install (I believe) up to a 2" lowering kit on the bike. I contemplated it, but decided I like the clearance more.

thanks everyone for your advice!! ALOT of you seem to ride the KLX300 at my same size and have given me total confidance to get the bike without worrying! so...i am gonna do it! sounds like its gonna be TEAM GREEN for me! which rocks cause green has always been my fav color! now i just have to wait 2 weeks till i get back from Kuwait to make the buy!

if you have any further advice as to the best gear to purchase, where to purchase my new gear, or must needed upgrades or anything...or more importantly what NOT to buy, please let me know or e-mail me at ...

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