looking to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iam looking to buy the new r6 or a gsxr 750 or a cbr 600 i dont know witch one is better maybe someone can help me? :naughty:

Yeah. Look in a Cycle Trader or "THING FOR SALE" on this website.

log on labusas.org go on bike talk

I have an 02 Yamaha FZ1 that I'll sell you. Comfortable seating position, based on an R1 engine. You gotta come get it, though. Oh yeah, I'm in Georgia.

what part of GA i use to live 20 min outside of atl

iam looking to buy the new r6 or a gsxr 750 or a cbr 600 i dont know witch one is better maybe someone can help me? :naughty:

I think that the R6 and CCBR600RR were in the last issue of Sport Rider in a comparo. I think the 600RR won, but I don't remember for sure. It's best for you to pick up the issue and read for yourself -- different style riders liked different bikes in the comparo.

I have no idea about the actual bike characteristics as to which one is better, but i have done some work while in school with both the Honda 600 and 954 RR engines and have to say that the Honda sport bike engines are extremely durable. I've seen Honda motors go through some pretty extreme conditions on a water brake dyno and still run like a top.

With the level of performance that the modern sportbikes are at now, there are only 2 questions to ask for street use. The 1st is which one do I feel most comfortable on and the 2nd is which one looks the best to me and maybe not in that order. Asking which one is better is pointless because they are all so good. Its like asking which is better, filet mignon or lobster? Well, do you like steaks or seafood better?

yea you have a point iam just trying to figure it all out!!!!! i have been to the dealers and they all tell me something diff iam trying to find someone that has rid one or owned one you know what iam saying.

I loved the R6 I rode awhile back, but havent ridden the honda. Sat on a gsxr but didnt get to ride it :naughty:.

i have sat on all but iam just trying to see witch one would last longer maybe or what has a better peformance becuase i ask the dealers but they all tell me some kinda BS.

The GSXR 750 :naughty: Bigger bores last longer, 84-GS1150=over 130k, 91-Katana 1100=over 120k miles with just oil/filter changes and lots of chains and sprockets!!! I'm just over 40k on my daily commuter!


breaky_beats829.....I'm in peachtree city, 30 miutes south of the airport. where were you?

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