Brake in period to get full power?

Is there much of a brake in period on a 2005 crf450 before you get full performance. Just wondering because my 2004 crf 450 seems to have alot more jam then my buds new crf. Could my bill pipe make that much of a difference?


ok smart ass

ok smart ass

seems to be a lot of this going on today............... :naughty:

Did your buddy break his in correctly? My 05 is a rocket ship compaired to my buddie's 04 with a FMF pipe.

ok smart ass

I guess that is better than being a dumb ass.... :naughty:

My 450 took about two hours of break-in to get Max Power. By the end of my riding day the bike was just getting settled in, and now it's a rocket.


seems to be a lot of this going on today............... :naughty:

Not just today...

Its spring...seems like everybody has got some kinda stupid to get off thier chest...

Regarding the question, Id say is more like If the thing isnt broken in right will it ever have its full performance?

Guys that plunk them around too easy end up with blow-by oil burners that never really pull they way they should or could.

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