Corbin Closes the gap!

Just posted this over on another forum, thought I'd share it here.

Good news! I just returned from my appointment with Corbin. I had decided to go ahead and get the IMS tank which finally got me to make the LONG overdue trip to Corbin and get a seat. As they were finishing my seat I noticed a few guys milling around my bike, so I strolled over. One of the guys was from R&D. He had some e-mails (probably from you guys!) showing the gap from their seat to the stock tank. I told them this was the source of endless internet traffic, ha. They asked if they could keep my bike and make a new mold for the pan so that they could offer a seat for the stock tank. I was glad to leave my machine and the guys at Corbin should be mocking it up this week! I would imagine they could offer the seat not long after that (I'll ask when in case anyone is interested).

For those that haven gone this route I'll expand on the experience a little. Corbin's factory is located down in Hollister, CA. It's about an hours ride (or drive in the back of my truck in this case) for me. I called ahead for an appointement because they can get pretty busy with drive in's (This was the case today with a bunch of Harley's, a GS, a 950 Adventure,and a sweet Ron Simm's custom getting done). When you arrive you roll your bike in and they remove that 2 x 4 that has been your seat(If they are busy, they'll give you a free breakfast in their cafe too!). They bring out a rough cut, non-covered seat with new pan and all. You sit on your bike and let them know what your backside is telling you, ask for more or less height etc...(this is probably really key for those that want a seat more focused for offroad or street...) They make the modifications and then let you go for a test scoot with it. BTW, you can sit and watch the whole process, which makes the wait go by faster. After that the expert craftsmen clean it up while you pick your leather and options. Soon your seat is off getting stitched. Not too much later they bring out the gorgeous new seat that your cheeks will be thanking you for. If you road in they will ship your old seat back, so no worries about how to get it home. Super nice folks, good service, and a great product, what more could you ask for?

So, I had to sacrifice my bike for a while for the good of the DR community... well, that's not entirely true, you could say I got about as good a deal as you can get on my new seat.

Anyway, I know I was hesitant to get the Corbin seat because of the tank gap issue. Looks like it might be a thing of the past. FYI, my bike is a '98 DR 650 so it should fit many years. I know there are other seat providers out there and everyone's rear end is different... at least we're getting more options!

As they say at Corbin, Ride on.

Very nice, thank you for your sacrifice.

Let us know when the new seat comes available.

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