Got Brakes?

Had a slight get off this past weekend when I landed on some dude who decided he didn't like the line he was currently occupying and proceeded to move over into mine. (Not pretty. And to make matters worse .... the same damn thing happened last weekend! Only hurt me the first time. This time it got my baby too!)

As a result, I'm in need of a front brake rotor, and a radiator repair shop.

I've been told there is a place in Utah that does excellent work on rads., but what about rotors? Anybody got aftermarket rotors out yet? Or will I have to pay out the buttocks for OEM?

Thanks for any help.

The stock one will run you around $95.00, Moose listed two for the RMZ one is 99.95 and the other is 129.95


We wound up working on the rotor with a brass hammer and getting it close.

Then put it on a sufrace grinder and finished the job. Back in business.

As for the radiator ....

I must put in a plug for this guy...

Extremely good work at a very good price.

It cost me more to ship it both ways than it did to fix the thing.

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