Edelbrock leaking gas

Rode the bike all day yesterday without any issues...turned off the gas and loaded up the bike and brought it home. Cleaned it up, turned on the gas and took it for a spin around the block to 'air dry'. I admit, i forgot to turn the gas back off prior to putting it away in the garage...but i've done that before on lots of bikes and never had a big puddle of gas on on the floor the next day.

Anyone else have this problem? Is it a stuck float? The carb is brand new...only two rides since installed. Fresh, Super Unleaded gas used both times.

Yup, sounds like the float is stuck, i have heard of this happining... :naughty:

Maybe a peice of dirt got in there somehow, Hope i dont have any problems with mine...........

Let us know what you find, courius........

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