150 in 85 Frame

hey i was wondering how hard it is to put the 150 motor and stuff into the 85 frame?

I think BBR makes a frame for the CRF150, but ill bet its pretty pricey. I honestly dont see it being worth the time and effort, but if you do then all the more power to ya.

I'm not sure the details of how much it costs and stuff. But i have seen it done out on the track, it looks great!!!!

makes it lots lighter like 189 LBS

It's easy to do if you can fork out the cash. $3299 for BBR, $1999 for DMC. However, it's kinda hard to do if you do it yourself. There are some great threads on this. Check either this forum or the xr80-200 forum, I can't remember which one. It's under 200 conversion, but both motors bolt up exactly the same.

If you try to do it yourself, I'm told you'll have to get a custom made tank because the top of the 150 engine is too tall.

I've seen people do it, but I've also heard that it is not a very cheap and easy thing to do yourself.

yes, you will have to make a tank.

Or you can go the dmc route, he raises the tank and seat to accomodate the motor.

Now it becomes a lighter 150 that cost you $5000, and handels like crap :naughty:

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