what has more torque

Im stuck between an xr250 and the ttr250. What I ride currently is a tt500, which is to me, the most torquiest pig in the land. I need and Im trying to decide on a bike that is a lot lighter than the tt500 but will give the same thrill when the throttle is whacked. If neither of these bikes can deliver what im looking for, then what about the xr400. I just need a bike that can climb up some knarly hills, is reliable, and gives that good ol' thumper torque.

i have a 1986 xt600 in great condition and it is slower than my xr400 but not by much.

No current bike made will have the torque of a tt500 - that's gotta be the longest stroke motor ever conceived. If you want big torque and lighter weight, go xr400. If you want moderate torque and a lighter, funnest in the tight stuff ride - then go xr250r. If you want big hp and big torque with lighter weight - go GasGas 300.

For what it's worth - I recently rode a ttr250 for a day while a friend tried out my gasgas 300. Compared to an XR250 - the TTR is heavier due to addition of electric start - feels like 15 pounds - my XR250 is 246 pounds with no fuel (measured on a calibrated UPS scale at my friends shop). The TTR has more "desert geometry" - raked out more than the XR and longer wheelbase - more stable going fast and in big rocky stuff - but doesn't turn crisply like an XR. TTR seems to shine in the mid-range and signs off quickly relative to an XR250R - it doesn't rev up like an XR250 in the top end dept.

Since you have ridden the torque monster for a while - you should probably avoid the honda CRF-X line and avoid disappointment. Short stroke motors give revs and little torque at low rpm.

My friend is selling his 2000 TTR250 - it is licensed here in oregon with plate for the street (which is now impossible to do in Wash. State). . If you are interested - drop me a Personal Message.

- jeff

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