NW Motorcycle Association a Sham?!?

I joined the Northwest Motorcycle Association via their online enrollment form on 1/24/05, and also included a donation to their fund for preserving offroad riding. After a week, and not having heard anything, I sent them an email. I received a reply saying they had received my information and would be mailing out my materials within a week. Now it is three weeks later, they aren't returning my messages, and I still haven't received anything.

Does anyone know if they're a legitimate group? I am filing a report with the BBB and am having the charge reversed by the card company.

Sorry, that should have been "joined on 3/24, not 1/24".

Jeff, yes, they are legitimate. They are to law abiding off road riders, what the NRA is to law abiding gun owners. Think of them like the AMA, but "localized version". Give them some time. They are all volunteers and are spread thin with all the other work they are doing. I also joined, in fact, late last year in December, I signed up 7 family members. I finally got all 7 membership cards, along with 7 stickers and now I get the mailers. Give them time, dont worry, your membership is as good as done. It just take a bit. Mine took almost 2 months.

The NMA is made up of only volunteers, who work hard to make sure not only local off raoad events run smoothly, but your rights are not taken as an ORV user. Realize that there is only one lady who handles membership, and processing 1500 applications a year is quite time demanding.

as already stated, these are volunteers, so give them a little extra time :naughty:

They are an All-Volunteer organization... under-staffed and over-worked.. Be patient Grasshoppa.. :D Many people have reported waits for membership packets of up to 3 months so yours is VERY early..

If you are planning on entering one of their rides and want to prove membership, I would thnk that your name would be on their list even if you don't have your papers.

Most of their good work is behind the scenes, so rest assured that your money is helping.. As a fellow PNW Rider, thanks for supporting the organization that has supported us for so many years. :naughty::naughty:

Don't worry, "all-volunteer" means no one is buying their new bike or Hummer from your money.. Take care.

:D:cry::D WOW, how's that for a flood of responses!! :D:naughty:

When I started my response, there were no replies to your question.. We are listening.. :naughty: (but I'll bet the beginner looking for "jumps" at Reiter doesn't think so.) :D:D

Thanks everyone. I feel much better. I will practice patiance and wait for my stuff. I didn't realize they were entirely volunteers. Thanks for letting me know everyone, it's much apprecaited.

Thanks everyone. I feel much better. I will practice patiance and wait for my stuff. I didn't realize they were entirely volunteers. Thanks for letting me know everyone, it's much apprecaited.



I also re-joined at the Desert 100 and was thinking the same thing. I all in for supporting a WA-based riding org, even though I'm from OR. (Note: I orginally joined the AMA in the mid-70's when I raced short track).

I'll keep checking the mail for the NMA stuff.


justjeff ,your money has been well spent to a good cause .have a little patience and you will recieve your reward.they are a little slow but always follow through

Hey did anybody mention that this is done by volunteers, and it takes a while and you just got to be patient :naughty:

I wholeheartedly Endorse the NMA :naughty:

It is truly one of very few organizations that help our cause...

As said before the NMA is all-volunteer with no paid staff.

The membership volunteer has given her all for many

years but has not been able to get someone else to stand up and take the

post. Everyone who has said they would step up to the plate and do it for

even a year as a volunteer has flaked out when they have started to do it.

Maria does everything she can but has been volunteering for many years and

wants to have a life too. The NMA Board just did approve contracting out

the membership duties to a paid contractor since it seems to be impossible

to obtain a volunteer that will actually do it. Two members of the Board

are currently searching for a person to do that contract work.

So things are looking up! :naughty:

Anyone here want to take it on???

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