Developed a problem. Please help

Hi all, i have a bog standard s model exept for the tailpipe and have a slight problem.

Bike was running perfect, parked it up over night, went out the next day and its running like poo.

The first half of the throttle is fine but at about half throttle (like running out of fuel for a split second) to full the bike looses alot of power and starts missing a bit. Its very very hesitant and feels to me like a patially blocked main jet.

Does this sound like the most probable cause or am i barking up the wrong tree. I thought also the plug could be failing under load but i'm no expert and was after a second opinion before pulling everything to bits.

Thanks guys......

one of your jets could have came loose or your spark plug wire might be loose, petcock could be clogged.

feels to me like a patially blocked main jet.---- Sounds like that to me too.

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