Glad I did not sell ttr250

Rode my ttr250 stock twice at Hatfield and Mcoy trails in WestVirginia and was going to sell, but instead did the tricks, throttle stop, t-4 exhaust, free flow filter and purchased micro drill bit set and drilled out slightly larger main jet because I could not find one. Man what a difference, the bike now pulls a lot stronger also shifting a lot less, plus even at 46 years old I still love that loud exhaust. Just had a great weekend of riding, still can not walk without pain but what a ball!!!!!!

Cool man, I went to Hatfield and Mccoy it was the best time ever. Legally ride the streets on a non street legal bike. I stayed at the Out Back ATV Cabins in Matewan... Where did you stay? Are you going for the poker run in June?

cool!! i was thinkin about gettin the ttr250!!

We stay in town of Logan at Super 8, next trip going to rent some sort of cabin will work out cheaper and 1 person wont have to sleep on floor. Not going to make Poker Run have a golf trip planned following week and the two just do not mix but if you go make sure you go to the drags and hillclimb they put on every weekend we missed by 1 week last weekend, starts this weekend. :naughty:


I have the same bike, can you direct me to where I can purchase these upgrades.


I purchased the exhast and air filter on thethumpertalk store the jet should be a large round head mikuni 140 although i used stock jet and ordered a micro bit set online and drilled myself so i do not know what size it is but the jet most use is the 140

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