1st to 2nd shifting problems

2004 yz250f

this has occured 2 rides in a row now and i changed the oil in between.

the shift from 1st to 2nd gets really hard while the engine is on. I kill it and it is really easy to get between gears.

So strange. then i will ride for a while and 1st and 2nd will be like butter. I can find neutral without a problem.

then bam, hard as all hell again. to the point where it actually hurts the top of my foot through my boots.

Any ideas?

i change the oil all the time. and the filter about every 20 hours.

just keep it in second..

cut the gray wire, see if that fixes your problem.

There is a star-shaped piece that provides the "detent" when you shift. Someone a while back (couple of years) had a method for filing the corners off of some parts of it to make it easier to find neutral. I wonder if you're having trouble with this part. I've never split the cases on these bikes, so this is just an idea. Maybe this peice is or whatever runs against it is getting worn, or jammed.

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