3rd day at mx track...handle with care..PICS OF PLR INSIDE!

3rd day out on the mx track this year..im faster then last year already and feel awesome on the bike

so here it goes

for all of you who thought i dindt even own a bike and just posted..well here you go!

80ft double..or gap jump whatever you wana call it



comin down the strait



my first official pic RAILING A BERM!!


different view of the jump


goony a$$ whip off a small table, out of a corner


landing on the gas..or it seems to me


hope you enjoyed!

Sweet pic! :naughty:

yeah...not bad...it took so many runs though cause my buddy couldnt use the damn cam that well

thanks alot!!im real pumped up to be riding again

i wish we had the cam yesterday when the track was fully prepped...that corner was sooo much faster and more fun :naughty:

80 feet?!? You using the metric system?

JK cool pics.[/quote


Yeah, how do we know that's really you?

You need to show us a picture that includes your face, the front page of today's newspaper, and a computer screen with ThumperTalk running in the background. THen we'll believe.

what track is that? i was gonna go hit up arrowhead today but my bike took a turn for the worst :naughty:

The rumor is flying around that you tweaked your knee and that is your sister in the photographs.

Oh wait, that was a movie.

Nice jump. :naughty:

Sweet Pics Plr

The rumor is flying around that you tweaked your knee and that is your sister in the photographs.

yes...true,,but i taught her EVERYTHING she knows

No more riding on the highways I guess huh? Now the truckers will be bored again. Oh well Ride on PLR.

Nice jump! :naughty::D:naughty:

I got one word: PHOTOSHOP :naughty:

PLR, nice shot railing that berm, that's a nice pic!

Great pics PLR! :naughty:


WOW the pic of the berm being scattered is amazing, great riding and great camera work.

great camera work...now ill have to laugh at thta one...it took my friend what seemed like FOREVER to catch on to using the damn thing...digi cameras wtih that little second delay suck for action shots..oh well a few came up good

I like the pic with you nailing the berm best...

Looks like an evil storm cloud blowing in over the top of that thing.

yes...true,,but i taught her EVERYTHING she knows

Correction PLR, I taught your sister everything she knows! :D and she's not bad on a dirt bike either :naughty::D:D:naughty:

yes...true,,but i taught her EVERYTHING she knows

Even how to suck a .... J/K man, I don't even know you, you just left yourself WAY too open for that!! Nice pics...


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