Converting to dual sport......

Hey all......

With gas prices going up, I am considering converting my 04' X to dualsport and using it to commute to work every day (about 25mi. round trip). My main concern in doing that is the excess hours (Valves, piston, rings) that I would be putting on my trusty steed. Granted, I would be taking it easy, but I am still concerned. My other thought is to get an old XR250 and ride it to work and save my X for the dirt.

Any thoughts from fellow X owner's?



You will add some weight to your X by making it street legal, how much depends on your state's requirements. (turn signals aren't required here) You will burn off your knobbies much faster with the road miles; lots of guys are running a trials tire on the rear, much longer life and still good dirt traction. Knobbies on wet pavement are dangerous. You will shorten up your engine service intervals. Will the repair-replacement parts cost as much as buying and insuring and servicing a second bike? Probably not.

I have a Baja Designs kit on my 250X, but I keep the street miles to a minimum. I don't like the feel of the motor, or tires, on the highway. I think a good used XR250 will cruise the roads more comfortably.

You will have a very hard time doing it in California

Get a XR 650. The 250X will not make a good commuter bike. You will lose much more money in repairing it vs gas mileage. It is not made for sustained road miles.

has anyone done it in calif? wive always heard that you need to sort of grt the dealer to do it before you buy it.

it is next to almost impossible

I would not reccomend doing it. I have a 1996 XT225 Yamaha. It's not a Honda but I didn't know what to do. They don't make a dual sport 250 so I had to go with Yamaha. Anyway it's a great bike. Electric Start, absolotely no problems. If I were you I would get a modern dual sport bike like a Yamaha or something. Or you could go back and get and old XL250.

Has anyone tried the dual sport X conversion in Arizona, I have heard it is easier there. Any ideas as it would be nice to not trailer.


'05 CRF250X :naughty::D:naughty:

The tires don't burn off that quickly. My bike has over 500 mixed miles (300+ dirt, the rest pavement) and the tires are holding up fine. I'll probably replace them at 800-1000 miles.

The bike is fun around town, but forget the freeway. You *can* maintain 60, but you're pinned if trying to do 70. I'm sure the valves are hating life if you try to do an extended stint at 70. Gear up, and it will be better. I like ripping up the twisties on the way to the coast on mine. It's too much fun.

I can't wait for my motard wheel set...

On edit: You do have to find a dealer who's willing to bend the rules to get you a plate. I don't know of any that are willing to risk their DMV license, though.

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