450X -can I get ride opinions please?

I'm beating my CRF250X to death here in the desert, but it's so light weight and fun to ride. :naughty: My DRZ400E has all the motor I need for the desert / trail riding, but it feels so heavy it tires me out too quickly. Is the CRF450X the perfect bike, the one bike that does it all? Does it feel light to ride, smooth power that just keeps on pulling, don't need to shift it constantly? My 250X has great suspension, the DRZ isn't very good in comparisson.

Is the 450X a slightly bigger and easy power version of my 250X, :D :D :D or is it a BIG bike that gets HEAVY as the day gets longer? :naughty: Should I trade-in 2 for 1???

I don't know about the 250x but had a drz400e and the 450x will do everything it did for you and more. It feels much lighter and pulls much harder. I think this maybe what you are looking for if you are looking for one bike. I loved my DRZ but the 450X is so much better IMHO....

I had the DRZ400s awhile back, first year it came out I think. It's a definate turd compared to my 450X. The 450X is the most fun I've had on 2 wheels. Way easier to ride than my YZ426. It gets a little heavy in the really tight stuff, but that doesn't make it stop being fun.

I can ride farther, faster than any bike I've had before. Just my opinion. Hope it helps.

:naughty: Had mine for a month, Rode it once on snowmobile trails before spring sprung in N.E. and have ridden it on trails 4 times since then. I ride a wide range of terrain - Class 6 Woods Roads, tight trails, mud, rocky and root infested trails, along with rocky up-hills. I have about 170 miles and the suspensions broke in at about 125 miles. Stock, the forks are stiff due to the fact that they do not use the last 3 1/2 - 4" of travel, ( adjusted Comp from 16 out to 24 ). My weight is 175 lbs. w/o gear and all the gear I wear is about 35 lbs. ( I wear Tech 8 Boots, Fanny Pack w/everything along with a Back Pack ). Despite all this weight I could not use all the travel. Checked the oil level and it was set-up at the factory specs so I lowered the level to 306cc which is the min. oil level. Still did not use all the travel even when hitting deep whoops and rocks at speed. Decided to change Fork Springs from .47 to .45. Rode yesterday and Forks felt much better with comp set at 16 and Reb at 7. Now using all the travel and forks felt much much better and almost plush. I only had a short time to ride and I feel I can make them work really good by just using the clickers. Awesome Motor, starts easy, and handles everything I throw at it with ease. With the Carb and Trans Vent Kit I installed the bike is a virtual submarine - had it in real deep water with the exhaust pipe submerged and it didn't miss a beat. Hadn't mentioned the shock because the rear soaks up everything thrown at it. No need for a re-valve there.

Won't get a chance to ride for a couple of weeks to fine tune the Forks. I could live with them the way they are right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do want to play with the sag though. I started out at 106mm and then tried 102mm. I plan on trying out 100mm next.

Bike was a bit tall for me, ( I'm 5' 7" ) , so I shaved 1 3/8 - 1 1/2" off the seat. This also lowered the center of gravity on the bike and makes it turn easier in the tight trails ( when seated ) along with giving me added confidence when I have to touch the ground. I had a 2002 CRF450R and had the suspension lowered 1" and I was never happy with the way it handled after that. I won't make that mistake with this bike!!!!!!

It is about 20 lbs. heavier than the 450R I had but the magic botton is worth the extra weight. :naughty:

It is about 20 lbs. heavier than the 450R I had, but the magic button is worth the extra weight.

The 450R is similar in weight to my 250X. I love that lightness. :naughty: How does the 450X feel with that extra 20 lbs? I'm hearing it feels a lot lighter than my DRZ, which is what I want, but does the X still feel heavy on the trail compared to the R?

The faster I ride my DRZ, the heavier it gets. The faster I ride my 250X, the lighter it gets. Is the 450X the best of both worlds? :naughty::D

Just pickup a DRZ400 on the show room floor and then pickup the CRF450X and you will feel the difference in weight. The 450X is heavier than the 450R but the faster you go the lighter it feels. I only notice the weight when going slow or through tight wood sections with alot of turns. Once you got used to it I was going through those same sections as fast as or faster than my KTM200exe because the motor is so awesome.


Hey bob, If you ADDED 3cc's of oil and set your sag @100 not 105 not 103 but 100 you will be amazed at how supple the fork will feel and how well the bike will steer. To the original poster,the DRZ is old slow and weighs a ton,sell it and get the X if you like red,get a WR if you like blue,and if you like to diddle lil boys get a KTM.....LMAO

The DRZ is old slow and weighs a ton,sell it and get the X if you like red,get a WR if you like blue,and if you like to diddle lil boys get a KTM.....LMAO

Ok, can you KTM boys show some restraint, and not dignify his rude attack with an answer? :naughty::D

I did a search on brakes and found a great thread from about a month ago that got diverted and actually answered my question. It's time to sell the DRZ and get a 450X! :D:D:naughty:

Hey motoinmoab:

I hear that Michael Jackson rides a KTM, any truth to that?

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