rate the Top NorCal spots and worse

the best:

1. Clear creek

2. Foresthill

3. Stonyford

4. Georgetown/ rock creek

the worse:

Prarie City SRVA

Carnegie SRVA

the very worse of all time pit hole of the universe:

Yearington, NV (smith valley, walker canyon) a true dirt hole pit dust bowl donkey wasteland

Looks like the best of the places that you know of.Not the best in norcal your missing the places youve never been to.

The best:

Death valley, CA

Gerlach, NV

Yerington, NV

Foresthill, CA

Georgetown, CA

The worst:

I haven't ridden anywhere that i haven't liked so far. As long as I'm riding, it's fun. :naughty:

Bob, does that mean you dont wanna camp with us at carnegie this weekend :naughty: Sons racin there so im stuck fri thru sun. :naughty: Nah its not so bad and whats wrong with pc? It dont all have to be virgin lome in the sierras, yu know! And you better quit raggin on the desert donkey dirt, its my fav :D

Shoot, Cow's gotta be the best! :naughty:

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? :naughty::D:D

Clear Creek


Moon Rocks

George Town



South Cow Mountain

I would love to ride the desert around Barstow but haven't had the chance.

And like someone else said, "its hard to judge whats the best if you haven't been everywhere" and still its just your opinion



1) Metcalf

2) Praire City

3) Mammoth Bar

4) Carnegie

Shhhhhh........what the heck are you guys doing!? :naughty:

Ha!! gotcha...hehehe :D:naughty:

I was wondering how long it would take thumperdad to catch that. :D

I would have to say middle cr. or Cow.I cant vote untill I have ridden all the spots.The one time I went to stoney and did the i'm lost thing was fun awsom hill climb's cant wait to go with a guide :naughty:

Stonyford, and some places most haven't been too.

No, I'm with Slyko. Who wants to go out in the woods where you might get lost or something. :naughty:

Stay with the places he mentioned, they have tracks, quads, and lots and lots of people to help you have fun. :naughty:

Nobody mentioned Middle Creek, even after this weekends great Enduro? :naughty:

My list:

1 - Clear Creek

2 - Stoneyford

3 - Georgetown

4 - Middle Creek

5 - Foresthill



Middle Creek

South Cow

Don't really care for:

Prairie City

Knoxville (aka Rocksville)

Metcalf as the top spot in N. CA? Maybe if your main bike was 50. Are you joking?

Oh, I get it. Yeah, great place to ride.

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