hi expectations for klr 250

minimalist , newbie here with spankin new klr 250. 1st moto in 25 odd yrs. mainly for commuting but have plenty of nearby trails for p.m., weekend abuse. i am tentatively planning a road trip of approx 1000 mi. 10 day trip this summer, from e. idaho to n. cali. will try to stick to back roads mainly.

wondering if any one out there has a klr jr. set up for mid range cruising,and camping. gps is in the works and i ordered a ventura rack system(10 wks out, via NZ). figuring i can rig my own bags, dry bags to the rack.

i've been looking around for some sort of low-profile wind sheild but havn't really found anything worthwhile. i already intalled hand guards that do a pretty good job for finger warmth/protection.

any other tips on set-up, crucial accessories, or technique would be greatly appreciated. thanks to all who respond

Check the Yahoo KLR250 user group in the yahoo groups.

They should have some info on that stuff there.

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