What Akrapovic Titanium for 625 SMC

Which full Akrapovic Titanium exaust system model is it for the 2004 KTM 625 SMC ? I wanna make sure im getting the right one.


usually the most expensive one is fastest lol...... :naughty:

u just jealous...

OK .... yeah

Sorry about that... Contact Chip Munn at this site: http://munnracing.com/ He will know exactly what you need and give you the best price. I know several people who go there AKra Ti systems from him for less than what I paid.

Thanks man sounds like a plan although I may change my mind and get a Hindle

I saw Mr Hindle at Indy and he could barely speak he was so wasted... Mr Akrapovic probably would have been too if he were there. Then again, who knows... Regardless, the Hindle looks pretty good, but I gotta say that the fit of my Akra was absolutely perfect. I mean PERFECT! Is Hindle making a header? When I talked to him he said he wasn't able to make a header that out performed the stock LC4 system. Akra didn't seem to have that problem... If you have the money, go for the Akra. You won't regret it. Otherwise, look at the Pro Circuit full system before buying the Hindle. I just think you'll get better performance.

Hahahahahaha that would have been a sight. Id like an Akra but I just dont have the cash at the moment . The Hindle requires a modification to fit on the bike. If I get it done ill post up some pics.

Great! Good luck with it. I'm sure it will flow well.

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