Any one got one that runs they want to get rid of. A buddy of mine bought an 02, supposedly it was gone through recently. The third time riding it he noticed a noise so he took it to a local dealer. Well the dealer said the crank bearing was making the noise that is looked like it had gotten hot. So he needs a new crank. The dealer suggested he put new stainless steel valves in it while they had it apart. And he also told them the clutch didn't feel right so after further examination the clutch basket and pressure plate and fibers and metals are pretty much shot. Talk about bad luck. Just thought I would see what this might turn up for him, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

make sure about all the other parts too... have them show you whats wrong exatcly... ive seen dealers try to tell you more things are wrong than accually are just to make a buck. just a little advise

yeah I told him to make sure to go look at it first they said that would be fine.

I just went through that whole process with my 2002!

Josh #00

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