China Hat/ Joker Poker run

Will it be unbearably dusty on Sat? Do you need to preregister for the poker run?

Had a little rain today, not much and I beleive you can sign up at the poker run the day of.

Dumb question but what is a poker run?

Coincidently, 10 of us were planning to ride EFR on Saturday. Is it going to be jammed because of the event. If we wanted to enter how would we do that? If we wanted to avoid it how would we do that?

You should expect that with the COMAC joker/poker fun ride on Saturday and the Lobos club ISDE China hat enduro on Sunday that it will be crowded and busy this weekend. One way to avoid the mess is to ride the events. Another suggestion is to go down to LaPine and stage from there. (check the EFR map).

Here's the COMAC link:

Here's the Lobos link: (can load the PDF for the ISDE)

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