Testing a bumper

oh my goodness i wonder if that kid lived after that because they must have been going at least 20 miles an hour and to hit that bumper with your face ouch. Oh man that would suck. but hey that is what you get for being stupid.

repost....and like someone has all ready said.... Instant Karma

Are we supposed to feel bad for him?

Future (or possibly current) darwin Award Nominee

I don't understand. What the hell was that idiot doing? It looked like he was falling out the car or something.

HOLY CRAP... i cant watch that more than once without being in pain.. geeze wat was the freakin idiot doin?? I think he tried to hit those kids on the bikes and he fell out hitting the car.. with his face.holy crap that would hurt...

Holy Crap that's got to hurt!!! I have seen some stupid stuff, but that has got them all beat. Man, I am going to have to watch it again....Ouch!!!

What an idiot. That had to hurt. I would be very surprised if he lived through that. :naughty::naughty:


:D Cheers AssH0le


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