What is preferred # of disks on WB E-series? XR400

Just curious how many disks y'all run on the White Brothers E-series pipe for general trail riding.

I use more low end than top.........not sure how many disks to run on my new pipe.

I used to run 12 disks and it had plenty of low end but was too loud. I now run the "quiet core" with 9 and it perfect (maybe slightly less power but I can't feel the difference). There are a few posts regarding this topic from a few months back that you can search out and read.

I am running 12 disks right now w/o the quiet core and it is too loud. It will not pass the CA 96 db. I am going to install the quiet core with the 12 disks and try that.

Could I run, say, 8 disks and have killer low end and a queiter bike at the expense of some top end?

Won the pipe on ebay and it hasnt shown up yet. I wish it were the megaphone E-series but I think it is the S Bend E-series.

I was looking at the quiet products website and saw they make a shield that has a side outlet for the E-series. I thought it said how many disks you could run(maybe 12?). Maybe a less restrictive alternative to the WB quiet core - probably would work in tandem so you could use more disks.

Whats the big differance between the s-bend and the pro meg? Is the pro meg a little shorter or longer. The site says it gives a more power increase over the s-bend. Just wondering how it is differnt.

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