Time for new valves, have some questions

This is a repost, I got no hits in the general forum. Sorry!

My YZ-250F has lasted a long time, but it's time to bite the bullet and rebuild it. I'm just thankful it didn't blow up and cost me big time.

I'm looking to replace the following:




piston (and rings, wrist pin and circlip of course)

cam chain

1) Are there valve guides to be replaced, and should I do them?

2) What about the seats, are they replaceable and should they be?

3) What brand of valves should I do?

I'm thinking of Kibblewhite stainless steel, I've heard good things, but I don't know where to acquire them?

4) What's this gonna cost me (parts total and labor total) if I have a shop do it?

A good friend owns a shop and has done work for me in the past, very reasonably. I'd rather use his expertise and I'm basically lazy and a little intimidated by it all.


I recently had Eric Gore redo my sons 02 yzf valves . They were replaced with Kibblewhites. Around $400. Timeing chains are $20. Pistons if I recall are around $150. Eric gore will do whole shot for around a grand. You box up your engine and send it in. Call first to get an accurate price quote.

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