worth restoring?

this question is aimed particularly at Socal, since he seems to be in the know on this type of thing, but feel free to input. These are soem pics of my XR100 engine. They do not do justice to the internal damage. EVERYTHING is corroded, and it would need all new parts, sans the cases and head. Nothing else was saveable. IS it worth it, or should i search around on ebay? In another thread i made about this, Socal said that most 100 engines on ebay are in bad condit.

link to pics:


the first 4 pics on the picture viewing bar ar of the engine. Ignore the bike pics and clutch pics.

That motor is in pretty bad shape.:naughty:

:naughty: That's about the worse motor I've ever seen or at least that I remember. It would be pointless and expensive to even attempt to salvage it. The only thing I would do is split the cases to see if there is anything of value in it and scrap everything else. Use WD40 on the steel pieces to see if they can be saved. The cylinder can be blasted and honed or bored. So keep that. The slider and cam chain tensioner might be good. The cases might be worth saving if you bead blast them. Just save anything worth saving and dump the rest.

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